• Private dog boarding in our home generally for two dogs at a time.  This is home away from home.  Your pooch will be looked after as part of our family, sleep indoors, get yummy leftovers (if allowed), get lots of cuddles and go for a walk a day or a play in the doggie park. Dogs need to be socialised and not have shown any aggressive or anti-social behaviour in the past to be considered for boarding.  


  • Pet sitting for all types of pets and all breeds of dogs if you prefer your pets to stay at home. We can visit once or twice a day to spend some quality time with him / her / them.  This service includes a feed as per owner’s instructions, providing fresh clean water and a 20 minute play.  A walk can be provided upon request and for a small additional fee.


  • Break-up- the-day visits for when you are working full time in a demanding job, doing long hours. Break up the day for your barking buddy with a “Break-up-the-day visit”.  I’ll come over for an hour, have a play, take them for a walk or do whatever to makes them happy (a brush / a stroke?) and makes the day go quicker.


  • Dog walking for when you’re just flat out at work and home and just need someone to take your pooch out to stretch his / her legs.


  • Doggy Daycare for when your furry friend needs some company during the day. Drop off for half or full day - prior booking essential as limited spaces are available.

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